Beckaro : New FW 2015 Collection

The new Beckaro’s collection arrived; just as rock and streetwear as it used to be. Teenagers will adopt it to start off this new season on the right foot and in a stylish way!

A colorful season

 No ! Say no to the dullness with soft colors, contrasted with flashy colors to make the difference. With this new collection, Beckaro shakes up the total grey/black look with a touch of color : soft purple, brick red or aqua green.. So many choices that will satisfy the boy and girl’s wishes.


beckaro fille

Original cuts

This winter, we assert our style by choosing elaborated pieces : original cuts, stylish printed jumpers and, of course, a duffle touch for the comfort. For girls, jumpers are made with soft material : jersey, cotton, feather yarn, perfect to snuggle up and feel warm when the temperatures are low… For boys, we also opt for the comfort with a jersey jacket or THE imitation leather jerkin for the rebel with a soft heart.


beckaro collection hiver

Shortlisted details  

 Embroidery, screen printing and sequins will bring the originality that all teenagers are desperately looking for! Beckaro created stitch dresses for the girls with nice details on the shoulders or on the pockets to feel comfortable while facing the cold winter. We don’t forget to add a “rock” touch; essential detail for your kids. Boys will wear duffle sweats inspired by the “wild animals” trend for a complex soft-rebel look.

beckaro boy

Discover the Fall Winter 2015 Beckaro Collection >


Nouvelle collection 3 pommes

AW15 New collection from 3pommes

With winter, soon to arrive. For your children’s winter wardrobe 3pommes new Autumn Winter collection will keep your kids warm throughout the winter with an exciting mix of everyday casuals and dressy pieces at prices that will keep everyone happy.

First smile

Soft materials for babies, birth collection plays on comfortable textures such as cotton jersey or fleece and faux fur lining for their first days keep them cosy.

Soft colours to colours more vibrant, small clothes are fun and playful like the first moments of baby.

premier sourire 3 pommes

First step

We started to get up, hang around for walking and begin doing the first silly things. For their first steps, 3pommes highlights an impish and original collection.

Little girls may just played princess or rebel and the little boys will dress like rock stars or superheroes.


premier pas 3 pommes

First escape

We gain confidence and the world has no secrets: these are the first getaways of our kids.

To be up to their enthusiasm, 3pommes offers a dynamic collection at the heart of the latest trends: so british for small budding fashionistas, so university for trendy little boys and many other styles yet.


A colourful season in the image of our kids!