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Back to school little boys !

Back to school for the little modern princess has already finished. Let’s see the outfits for our little fashion boys. Will they choose a sportswear or urban style ?

First round : Sportswear

A casual look with comfortable materials like jersey or fleece, the sportswear look is the best for them : “jeans sneakers”, t-shirt and sweatshirts over.

To be more fashionable, you can adjust his jean with turn-ups and chose the perfect size.

About the sweatshirts, we have a choice between the hoodie with different material pocket on the front for style, or the zipped cardigan with a hood that gives a summer look.

Second round : Urban style

It does not take much for a total change of style. Always jeans with sneakers but with a lifestyle t-shirt with a screen print that adopts an urban look and style.

The most comfortable is the charcoal grey jogging pants with a fun t-shirt, the hat and here is a trendy young boy.

Sportswear or Urban boy, one thing for sure : the sneakers are the “must have” whether for young boys or young girls. This works best for : comfort.




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tenue rentrée 3pommes

The perfect outfit for back to school!

It is still sunshine, It is still warm and nevertheless, it is back to school soon, the time to find friends, to play with the autumn leaves and to prepare ourselves for winter. Outfit question, will your little girls choose a girly outfit or a street style outfit?

First round: So Girly!

We rely on the dresses: Being knitted with a small lovely message or grey fleece with embroidered sequins to sparkle with a thousand fires, our little girls will be the best.

For fun, we try to associate those pretty dresses with printed leggings. With their small comfortable and fashion dresses, our princess will have many choices. The soft and more sober colours allow getting a selection of pieces in order to create different outfits.

Second round: Streetwear

The little girls more comfortable with jeans and edgy styling, will be fashioned in an outfit of streetwear inspiration.

To be casual, we get main pieces of the street trend: jumper, jacket and jean with a modern and fashion edge, and also flashy colours such as raspberry tie and dye, floral print.

Wearing girly or streetwear outfit, your child will be comfortable when she goes back to school!






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Back to School folder: Which sports for our kids

Finding: our kids are tireless, energetic never ending and we get it! Break down of the sportive activities for a punchy back to school.

Sport, which is individual or collective, in club or with the family, is essential during children’s growth. Nevertheless, sport is good for the health, but it is also beneficial to the individual development, because each sport requires qualifications and different source of interests.


For the most enduring competitors …

Athletic, swimming or tennis, many activities which require endurance and a strong spirit. Those sports allow developing strength and concentration, and your kids will became more enduring (tireless)!

For the most strategic …

For the football or basketball fans, this is the occasion to put its passion in application and to become real soccer professionals. Dexterity and strategy, those sports make you progress your team spirit and your coordination. If your kids don’t like playing soccer games but like fighting themselves, the fighting sports like Judo, karate or aikido will teach them values like bravery, honour and modesty.

 For the quietest …

Don’t forget our quietest and focused kids who will excel in the sports like dance, gym which require a concentration and unwavering determination. Stability and agility will be the best ways of these sports!

Keeping style…

Fleece outfits because even if you move, the ending months of the year are cold. Pink for girls, blue for boys or grey for both of them, your kids will stay at the heart of sport world trends with comfortable joggings above all!

So, Say yes to sport. Also, this is the occasion to find and to know lot of friends. So, Have a lovely back to school.




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Birth Gift: the crush <3

To choose a nice birth gift is not that easy : is the baby going to be a girl or a boy ? Unless it’s a secret well kept by the parents.  Here are the crushes of 3pommes which could help you.

A little girl?

Give to the happy parents a colourful outfit like the first instant of baby: a little set “crazy dots” composed of a short-sleeves dress made of grey velvet with ruffle and a little bow. Under the dress, a knitted all over very cosy with multicoloured dots: grey, soft green, white with fuchsia pink. For more heat, we put on a smart knitted grey vest and the little darling is prepared to share unic moments with her family.

A little boy ?

 The little boys also need comfort and heat with a rebel and fun look. We keep the colourful spirit with a “rock ‘n roll” set composed by a red trouser and a jersey grey t-shirt with playful drawings. A crush for the false fur reversible jacket he can wear on the starry side or on the soft and white side to preserve baby from the cold.

What happens when we don’t know yet ?

 We choose the bodysuit! Grey or white with funny message for the delight of the family: “If you want to see me smile, push here”, “I have a special power: to charm Mamy”.

There also are the velvet pyjamas, as cute as each other for soft and comfortable moments.

Discover the Birth Collection “First Smile” 3pommes for colourful, funny and cosy birth gifts.



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Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.