Colour jean !

A jean, four colours, four outfits ! So many choices to be trendy and to adopt a cool style.

The powerful colours

For a biker look, we put a pistachio green jean on. With a grey long sleeves t-shirt, this outfit is simple and your boys will look like a rebel.

For a good pupil appearance, we rely on the brilliant red. This colourful look will brighten up the coming autumn weather. We complete the outfit with a light grey t-shirt and a navy blue “jacquard” knitted cardigan.

Preppy look

Two sober and original colours : the mustard yellow and the brick red colours are now available for this jean to get a preppy look.

For an outfit giving a demure impression, the mustard yellow jean can be matched with a t-shirt which has a funny animal printed on it and a small black jacket.

With the brick red jean, your boys will look trendy with their wise preppy outfit, tied to a knitted jumper, illusion will be perfect.


The jean is an essential piece of your children’s wardrobe. In 3 Pommes, it comes in four colour for four outfits. Let’s play!




*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

So British ! Keep them quiet, or not ?!

We are totally fans of the British outfits. So British, this winter, we will be trendy by wearing checked clothes. Back to basic with the Scottish red and black tartan.

Preppy sage

British tartan, worn short to be “preppy”, we mix it with a long sleeves printed tee-shirt, a soft little navy blue cardigan and a pair of tights to be warm and comfortable in your outfit.

“Preppiest”, with the little long sleeved navy blue dress and its cherry red or gold stars. There is tulle at the bottom of the dress which will be adopted by our little girls because they will look like princesses.

Grunge, chic and rock

We know it ; our little sweeties are also rebels! A little sleeveless dress in Scottish tartan print, has some black synthetic leather details. Wearing with cherry red leggings, your little girls will get a perfect grunge outfit.

The other favourite piece : the checked trouser, wearing with a long sleeve t-shirt or a jumper, for a simple outfit which is impressive.

This winter, the British spirit is coming back…




*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.