Molleton décontracté 3Pommes

My relaxed fleece

The essential item of a kids’ wardrobe, for its comfort and its style is the fleecee, which mixes well and is available in 3P.

A 100% fashionable trend

While some trends do not exceed the podium step, the fleece has crossed the stage successfully. We meet on every street corner, a “sportswear” breaker which imposes itself as one of the best strong points of the season.

A matchless comfort

The collection is available with cosy and unrivalled comfort. Your kids needs ease and practicality to accompany them in all their daily crazy activities, the fleece is their essential ally.

Total look vs Mix and Match

A 100% fashion and comfy style for girls with a printed fleece jacket matched with a denim jogging. For our kids boys, it is the anthracite grey that gives the tone with an urban edge. To break the total look, we can mix items with a denim or a short sleeve shirt.



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


nouvelle collection beckaro

Beckaro’s new collection

For this new season, Beckaro takes you on a trip down the Californian roads.
Beach, surf and playground; everything is here to bring good vibes, chilling out with your friends and enjoying a beautiful summer.

We can expect a colourful collection with comfortable fabrics for the most independent teenagers .
Neutral shades like black and grey are highlighted by bright colours, such as turquoise green and pale pink for both boys and girls

The collection offers many-choices for every the style: printed t-shirts, denim, summer jackets. For girls, the overall is back with light fabrics, on a colourful or plain version. For boys we like both comfortable sweat and cool denim shirts.

Have a laid-back summer time with beckaro and enjoy the sun and the beach parties with you friends.

Look chemise jean rouge

Red Lovers

Few days left before St Valentine’s Day and red has a place of honour on 3Pommes’ outfits! This colour, which inspires passion and love, stands out a warm and energetic vibe.

Follow the trend!

Fully integrated into girls’ wardrobe, the red colour is getting more and more fashionable for boys as it enhance the basic items with neutral and dark colors (such as black, grey and white).

You will fall under the spell of this colour.

From the essential brick red denim to the sporty polo, boys adopt the Redroots’ look. 3Pommes dares this warm colors for a colorful and original look.
It’s official, red is the colour of passion for this summer.

*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


Fresh air for the new SS16 3 Pommes’ collection!

Sunnys day are coming, so it’s time to put away your coats and scarves and replace them with the iconic pieces of the season.

This season is inspired by a tropical holiday.
3 Pommes offers a playful and imaginative wardrobe, with delicate prints and a bright and flamboyant touch. The brand will also offer occasion wear for those special events of the season, with chic and poetic outfits for girls and boys.
The little girls’ wardrobe is highlighted with bright colours Life is rosy with pops of turquoise and lime. 3pommes is bringing back chic thanks to white and gold details for a modern style.
For boys, we bet on an urban and relaxed spirit, with vintage prints, from bold terracotta colours to the classic “Lagoon Blue” With 3 pommes, get a modern and trendy look inspired by Californian and urban vibes.