To respond to nice ceremony invitations of the summer, 3 Pommes helps you discover soft and romantic outfits.

The lightness of white

For girls, we dive directly into a poetic world with cream-colored clothing and touches of gold sequins. The outfits are for every taste and mood. Trendy in an Issey Miyake pleated dress style, pretty in spangled and spotty skirt matched with a T, or much more comfy but just as sophisticated, the lace short combined with a cotton blouse. For cooler evenings, we put on a soft cardigan over lightweight outfits.

Elegance of the grey mouse

For our kid boys, it’s the medium gray which is honoured in these celebration outfits. Combined with the white of polo shirts or T-shirts, grey is available in the form of a jacket and striped shorts. For a more casual look, we focus on a longer short to roll.

Your kids will be perfectly classy for all the pleasant upcoming summer events: weddings, baptisms, family reunions – every opportunity to get all dressed up.

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

T-shirt du bonheur


Do you know the International Day of Happiness ? Well, it is tomorrow, and at 3 Pommes, we love it! We have prepared a selection of fun T-shirts for even more happiness in yours kids’ lives.

My sweet messages

My love, today is a perfect day, I’m a great friend – our kids girls are going to distribute happiness with funny and cute messages.

Happiness is colorful !

Summer says “colorful”, and with 3 Pommes, T- shirts have taken funny sunburn.
Scratched on a gradient with soft shades of the rainbow sky or tinted colors to add more pop to screen-printed messages, imagine with your kids with endlessly stylish looks.

How to actually dress fashionably?

For mid-season, the T-shirt is mixed with a basic jeans and a cute leather jacket or an overshirt in cotton.
For summer, we pair our funny T-shirts with shorts in light denim or with colored cotton! Ps: don’t forget the accessories (flip flops and sunglasses, we feel like we’re already on holiday).
The t-shirt is a kids must-have, but they like it even more when it’s funny. Verdict, did you find your happiness?



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


5 days until Spring arrives!The sun invites itself into your kids’ wardrobe, and we welcome it with open arms! Light clothing, colorful pieces… We’ve put away our heavy coats and winter sweaters and jump into the 3 Pommes Spring/Summer collection!

The major trends

Be prepared for the first rays of sunshine with this small recap of essential trends. A season that lets your imagination run wild!

Tropical trend

Palm trees, beaches and water ices, a paradise atmosphere soaring on your kidswear. Silkscreened T-shirts,Hawaiian prints, a dream in small touches over summer looks.

Fun animals

Our pets find themselves in the spotlight on the uniforms of our kids: small birds for the more romantic, unicorns for dreamers, panthers for the brave, and zebras or lions surfers for the classics. Also note the animal prints on lightweight clothing : shorts, trousers, dresses, in leopard or zebra spirit.

The denim

The fundamental denim! Of course, this summer you’ll find the essential basic with trousers, bermuda shorts, shorts, both in the girls and boys wardrobe. But, that’s not all. Denim also finds itself on original shirts or falsely on light dresses.

To keep in mind

3 trends this summer : active tropical fashion , liberated animals, and uncovered denim !
One last tip: mix everything – denim pieces with tropical or animal prints – guaranteed to impress! ;)



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Fluomania chez 3Pommes


Star of the 80s, the fluo is coming back on the forefront. A spontaneous return for these flashy, full of energy and optimistic colours.

Return to flashy colors

Its funny and radiant side recaptured both children’s and parents’ heart. A trend which is similar to an ultra joyful recreation with fluorescent shades !
With a few touches or the total look, 3Pommes awakens the spring/summer collection.

High in vitamins silhouettes

Perfect for wiping greyness of mid-season and light up your kids girls’ everyday life, fluo colors are on 3Pommes jackets. A good way to cheer up a look and attract the eyes ! If the pastel colors are perfect for a sweet and bohemian look, the fluo galvanises for his part a fashion and sharp look. 
The fans are already numerous, and you, will you resist to ” fluomania “?




Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Look fashion week 3 pommes


The Paris Fashion Week started yesterday ! Nine highly valued days that help to detect the biggest trends of the coming seasons.

A 100% fashion event

For that occasion, 3Pommes proposes outfits worthy of the largest podiums so that your kid girl can also take part in this fashion event and feel the rhythm of parades !
Like most great creators who come to present exceptional pieces, 3Pommes opts for elegance and makes you discover delicate pieces. A pleasure for the eyes! A real show at home with chic outfits!

Rhinestones and sequins …

Rhinestones, glitter, sequins … For Paris fashion week, we focus on sparkling pieces! And it’s not because we have already celebrated Christmas and New Year that your kids have to wait for next year to adopt a sparkling look! Formerly reserved for filling the greatest red carpet, rhinestones, glitter and sequins are now in their daily dressing.
With few touches, over a sweater, a top, a dress … All options are good to give radiance to the pretty appearance of your mini-fashionistas .
The Paris Fashion Week , a great opportunity to get out the glitter. All projectors turn to your little fashionistas!



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.