Dressed for School


Holidays are coming to an end, and we can smell the sweet fragrance of a new school year. Refreshed after a sunny summer, let’s start a new adventure! Who can forget the blissful memory of their first day of school? New note books, new pencils, new school bag, and last but not least, a new outfit to impress your friends and teachers! Our first lesson this year will be focused on fashion.

Discover our ‘back to school’ selection for boys and girls, to dress your kids for this special day.

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1. “Hey Young” Pullover Ref. 3I15014 2. Denim trousers Ref. 3I22014
3. Denim jacket Ref. 3I41024 4. Poplin shirt Ref. 3I12004 5. Trousers Ref. 3I23024




1. Denim trousers Ref. 3I22005 2. Long sleeves tshirt Ref. 3I10025
3. Plaid shirt
Ref. 3H12035 4. Down jacket Ref. 3I6005 5. Long sleeves tshirt Ref. 3I22035