The perfect autumn look

Autumn is already here, the world ? gets its orange and red shades. The breeze gets cold and the days are shorter and shorter.

The trees start to lose their leaves while the coats of clothes are numerous on the shoulders of our little kids. We appreciate a light and soft sweater under our mid-season jacket. But there’s no reason to forget to bring energy to their outfits ! We say yes to colours, to polka dots and stripes !

For boys, outfits take on autumnal colours by their orange tones. We happily adopt coloured denim : ochre or bright orange. The check shirt becomes the dressing star and matches perfectly underneath a printed sweater.

Girls choice is torn between the skirt and the trousers… but they must be made out of denim ! The must-have of the season will definitely be the perfecto with its faux fur inner coat.

Fall for the looks :



Look 1. Zipped hoodie 3I18005 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10055 – Coloured jeans 3I22015

Look 2. Plaid shirt 3I12015 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10015 – Grey trousers 3I22045

Look 3. Down jacket 3I41025 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10045 – Ochre trousers 3I22025





LOOK 1. Jacket 3I17034 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10154 – 3 Leo printed trousers 3I22054

LOOK 2. Polka dot cardigan 3I18044 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10114 – Denim shirt 3I27044 – Grey tights 3I94004

LOOK 3. Star printed jacket 3I40014 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10084 – Trousers 3I22004