Halloween 3pommes

DIY : Celebrate Halloween with your kids !

DIY : Celebrate Halloween with your kids !

Halloween 3pommes

Halloween is coming soon ! It is time to organize a little party for your little monsters. We give you help to create a sanguinary decoration that will scare all your werewolves and zombies neighboors.

Our Pinterest selection turns casual items into scary accessories. The perfect decoration for a successfull Halloween party !

Halloween Cerveau

A brain jar

It is the mad scientists favorite accessory ! Your Halloween decoration will impress everyone with this fake brain made with cauliflower !

Halloween oeufs marbrés

Bloodshot eyes

Transform quickly and easily casual eyes into bloodshot ones.

Halloween bougies sanglantes

Sanguinary candle

Make an awesome sanguinary candle just with a white and a red candles !

Halloween ananas

Hunted pineapple

Pumpkins? Overrated! This year, we revisit Halloween classics with pineapples and the outcome is fabulous !

Halloween vers de terre

Maggot bowl

Make your child eat and like sticky maggots? Yes, you can do it, thanks to this recipe !

Look féérique

My fairy look

My fairy look

Look Féérique

For girls who love fairy tales, unicorns and other magical creatures, 3 Pommes has prepared a selection of shopping just for them.

Printed clothes for when your head is in the clouds…

Discover the graphic unicorn prints or a more realistic version (yes !! they exist) with a little flying unicorn holding star balloons. For sure, our little dreamers will proudly wear their new favourite t-shirt.

For more quiet girls, chose the “Wonder girl” sweater dress. Your princess doesn’t like dresses? She will fall for the long sleeves T-shirt.

Glitter forever !

A fairy world without glitters doesn’t exist! To add a magic touch in your kids outfits, fall for the glitter jeans with pretty silver details. No doubt, they will also LOVE the magic skater skirt.

Our selection


Off-white long sleeved t-shirt with bunch of stars and a zebra-unicorn.


Green long sleeved t-shirt for little dreamers who wear anything but pink. From 2 to 12 years old.


Bi-colour long sleeved t-shirt printed with a graphic unicorn.


“Wonder girl” navy blue knit dress for casual princesses. From 2 to 12 years old.


Glitter blue jeans with silver details. From 2 to 12 years old.


Dancer skirt for a girly look. From 2 to 12 years old.

Printable room decor

As their own little cocoon, your child’s bedroom is a vision of their universe. Aside from school, they spend most of their time there, a sacred place where they feel free.

As a place full of serenity where your children grows and develops, why don’t you emphasize the playful and peaceful vibes in their special place by printing those inspirational quotes? Download here.


For more inspiration, discover our pinterest bedroom board :

Inspiration déco