Original family portrait for the end of the year

During the holiday season, people tend to spend a lot of time with their family. And obviously, you need to immortalize the moment. Want to change your usual family portrait ? Discover our tips to make an original and unique photo with your children !



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Convey a message with your photo

Try to get the message across with your family portrait ! It’s quite easy to organize : you just have to print a letter for each member of the family, and then, strike a pose with the letters in the right order to compose a word. Your message is complete only when all the family is ready : funny and original !


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Make your photo look more fun and natural

Enough with the artificial pictures with frozen smiles. To be more original, you can try to recreate the famous family portraits of celebrities. They play together, they laugh… The prettiest pictures are those who look natural. Don’t hesitate to do something with your kids during the shooting (laughing, jumping, tickling…)  to make it look more spontaneous and unique !

The result almost doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to spend a great moment with your kids. The shooting will be unforgettable  for the whole family !

You can find our ideas to create your own original family portrait here !

12 things we love to do during winter

12 things we love to do during winter

Winter is coming! As the weather is changing, we are sometimes out of ideas to keep our kids entertained. But winter is full of activities… Discover 12 things to do when it’s too cold outside:

  1. Cook delicious cakes
  2. Read a book to your kids
  3. Make some DIY together
  4. Put on some music and dance!
  5. Go iceskating
  6. Build snowman
  7. Go sledding
  8. Have a snowballfight
  9. Visit the aquarium
  10. Wear warm clothes
  11. Do scrapbooking
  12. Go to the swimming pool