Organising your kid’s birthday party

Your kid’s birthday is fast-approaching and they’re asking to have a party at home….. Don’t panic! We’re giving you all our tips and tricks to plan an unforgettable birthday party for your little one and their friends.


Choosing a theme

It’s always easier to choose a theme first, then plan a birthday party around that theme. Whether it’s pirates, mermaids, jungle animals, super heroes, or even a simple colour theme, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Give your little one some ideas, then let them chose the theme they love the most (within limits)!

Sending the invites

You can’t have a birthday party without any invites! So get your little one to choose some invitation cards which their friends can use to RSVP. That way you’ll know how many kids to plan the party for.

Organising the food

You’ll probably have 10 or so hungry kids to feed, so be prepared! You could do a buffet of sweet and savoury treats (preferably finger food that’s easy to eat), serving fizzy drinks and fruit juice to drink. And don’t forget the birthday cake and candles to blow out!

Planning the activities

You need things to keep all these little guests occupied! The best thing is to plan some activities and games in advance: hide and seek, arts and crafts (making masks, drawing, playdough, face painting, etc.), piñatas, knock-over cans… Anything to get them running around!

DIY: a gift for Mother’s day

Mother’s day is coming up…. Are you dreading your child coming home from school with their standard pasta shapes, stuck on a sheet of paper?! Well we have a solution! Why not throw a few hints to dad, giving him some ideas for a mother’s day present from your little ones? A cute rock cactus, for example?

mother's day gift

© Salt and Pepper Moms

Follow the instructions from Salt and Pepper Moms below to help your kids make their own little (non-prickly!) cactus:

What you’ll need:

  • A little flower pot
  • Some small rocks
  • Green paint (two shades if possible)
  • A white acrylic pen
  • Some sand (optional)


  1. Collect some little rocks, of various shapes
  2. Paint the rocks green and leave them to dry
  3. Once dry, paint on the spikes using the acrylic pen
  4. Fill the flower pot with sand or tiny pebbles
  5. Arrange your cactus rocks

And hey presto! :)

OCCASION WEAR: our favourite outfits for celebrations

The season for christenings and weddings is fast-approaching. To help your little ones get dressed up, we’ve picked out some stylish outfits from our elegant, trendy occasion wear collection.

For babies, grey and white go together gracefully to create a sophisticated look. We’ve picked out an elegant ensemble of linen trousers and shirt for the boys, with a bow tie to add a chic feel. For the girls, we’ve gone for a ruffled dress with embroidered neckline and sleeves. If it’s still a bit chilly, wear it with our silver-grey linen jacket.

For kids, we’ve continued the fresh, pure look with our use of white; adding in different shades of blue. The girls will dazzle guests with this wrap dress made from cotton and tulle. And it has a gorgeous bow at the back for a touch of style. Pair it with our navy blue cardigan to create the perfect outfit. The boys can opt for our timeless combination of fitted shirt and tailored trousers, in light blue and grey hues. For an even more elegant look, top it off with a grey linen waistcoat, with its luxurious knitted navy lining.

Shirt & trouser set – Boys
3 months – 3 years

White dress – Girls
1 month – 18 months

Silver jacket – Girls
3 months – 3 years

White wrap dress – Girls
3 – 12 years

Navy blue cardigan – Girls
3 – 12 years

Grey linen trousers – Boys
3 – 12 years

Light blue shirt – Boys
3 – 12 years

Lined waistcoat – Boys
3 – 12 years