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Organising your kid’s birthday party

Your kid’s birthday is fast-approaching and they’re asking to have a party at home….. Don’t panic! We’re giving you all our tips and tricks to plan an unforgettable birthday party for your little one and their friends. Choosing a theme It’s always easier to choose a theme first, then plan a birthday party around that […]

DIY: a gift for Mother’s day

Mother’s day is coming up…. Are you dreading your child coming home from school with their standard pasta shapes, stuck on a sheet of paper?! Well we have a solution! Why not throw a few hints to dad, giving him some ideas for a mother’s day present from your little ones? A cute rock cactus, […]

Arts and crafts for April Fools’ Day

In France, the home of 3pommes, an April’s Fool prank is called a poisson d’avril, literally an ‘April fish’. In France they tell jokes to celebrate April Fools’, just like us, but the most common prank is to stick a cut-out paper fish on a friend’s back…. then giggling ensues until they realize! So in true French […]

Let’s throw a pyjama party!

Is there anything more exciting to kids than having friends round to sleepover? We didn’t think so! We’ve got some top tips to help you organize the best pyjama party ever! Location Pick the biggest room in the house where you can lay out the mattresses for the kids. Put a spare pair of sheets […]