rentrée des classes look

Back to school little boys !

Back to school for the little modern princess has already finished. Let’s see the outfits for our little fashion boys. Will they choose a sportswear or urban style ?

First round : Sportswear

A casual look with comfortable materials like jersey or fleece, the sportswear look is the best for them : “jeans sneakers”, t-shirt and sweatshirts over.

To be more fashionable, you can adjust his jean with turn-ups and chose the perfect size.

About the sweatshirts, we have a choice between the hoodie with different material pocket on the front for style, or the zipped cardigan with a hood that gives a summer look.

Second round : Urban style

It does not take much for a total change of style. Always jeans with sneakers but with a lifestyle t-shirt with a screen print that adopts an urban look and style.

The most comfortable is the charcoal grey jogging pants with a fun t-shirt, the hat and here is a trendy young boy.

Sportswear or Urban boy, one thing for sure : the sneakers are the “must have” whether for young boys or young girls. This works best for : comfort.




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