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Rock forever


3 Pommes breaks all the rules and plays up a rebel princess wardrobe! Rocker-chic looks colour-schemes that will blow you away !


A Rock ‘n’ Roll Vibe


Does your little girl like to dress up like a princess as much as she does a hardcore rock star? She’s going to love the 3 pommes looks! We mix the iconic rock black with coral pink for outfirts that will not go unnoticed … A careless freedom carries through their wardrobes.


Beautiful and Rebellious

Outfit to temper those rebellious days! The pieces to remember? The satin slip-dress paired with a 100% photo-print rock tee-shirt or the essential little jean skirt with a straight cut. “Rock fever” is the style to adopt for a unique summer look!

One thing is certain, this summer, your young girls assert their bold personalities!



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Look basique confort 3 pommes


At 3 Pommes, we’re already thinking of the holidays and to what to pack! Young and old all need this very comfortable basic: the lightweight sweat Bermuda-short!


It’s summertime, and time for a holiday … so, we don’t want to go through too much hassle! Boys’ Bermuda shorts will be your son’s new best friend, and yours as well. Comfortable with its jog-sweat material, but still suitable for the summer heat, these shorts by 3 Pommes are both stylish and practical. With its elasticated waist, say “goodbye” to the button and zip, and “hello” to your independent little guy. And what better to juggle between tourist walks and swimming at the beach?

We keep the style

Comfort doesn’t mean a sacrifice on style, since these long shorts are perfect with any of our simple t-shirts: striped or silkscreen printed Californian beach vibes – its hard to choose!
And finally, for holidays, we can’t forget the basic and essential lightweight sweat shorts!

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

page shopping 3 pommes

Getaway to the Zoo

This summer, the 3Pommes collection is inspired by playful animals straight from an imaginary world beloved by children! Little girls are wearing happy unicorns while boys travel to the moon with their tiger friend!


page shopping 3 pommes

1. T-shirt 3H10002|49 (10€) 2. Trousers 3H23022|251 (23€) 3. T-shirt 3H10052|251 (18€) 4. Bermudas Fleece Denim 3H25075|411 (30€)
5. T-shirt 3H10015|73 (15€)


*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Tendance ananas


To bring freshness and vitamins, the fruits are unquestionably the essential ingredient for the summertime recipes.

Some cooking, fashion including the decoration, the ananas pattern, colorful and acid, give a foodie and fun touch. It already leaves confident into the conquering of your heart.

Exostism which reawaken up the looks

The exotic fruit which announce the arrival of the good weather be the all rage in the tends ! 3Pommes propose some pieces which mix pastel colors and flashier tones. The ananas will give a little eccentric side to the clothes of your kids girls. The little tops are very easy to match for a beach look before time.

Mix and match

We dare the flashy colors for the funnier summer ! The little ananas dress mix itself with a leggings of all colors and psychedelic shapes.
A sugary tend which put in a good mood ! So, won over ?




Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Little indians

Once upon a time, a little Indian invited himself into the fresh inspirations of the 3Pommes collection…

Original Tones

Two colours come together for this line for little ones : a nicely tuned navy blue with a coral pink. On some lightweight ecru fabrics, the navy blue transforms itself onto Indian camp silkscreen printings as tepees and feathers fluttering on the surface of these baby outfits.
You’ll find a little touch of coral on a feather, on a tepee, or as a total look like on the shorts-overalls, printed with friendly animals.


For those a tad older, 3Pommes takes us to the heart of a calming desert to pay a visit to the American Indian. The collection is grey marled fabrics, accented with a turquoise green. Flattering prints – Tepees, arrows, feathers, and cacti prints are an original look for these little guys !
A beautiful inspiration for the colourful indie theme.

3 POMMES petits indiens


Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

3 pommes sélection été

Cool for the Summer

Snow cones on hot sand, head for a season of cool summer style with 3 Pommes. A collection complete with light and flowing fabrics for your little girls – bermudas, short-shorts, skirts, and even trousers!
Various looks for a stylish summer!

3 pommes sélection été

1.Flowing fancy print pants / 2. Printed shortall / 3. Graphic Longall / 4. T-shirt / 5. Flowing fancy print pants


Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Hello Sailor Boy !

Cast away! 3Pommes takes you to out into the open sea to discover its nautical inspiration.

A Timeless Trend

This summer, go fishing in a sea of collection pieces for Summer 2016 to create a style to please your little sailors. Short or tall, girls and boys, any fan of stripes and marine prints will fall for our take on the sailor trend.

The Famous Stripe, with prints!

A nod to the classic sailor, the navy-blue stripes are reworked and combined with other patterns and designs. With nautical and maritime decor, be enticed by the traditional and timeless colour palette: true ocean blue, navy, white, and bright red.

Our Favourite Pieces

For the boys, try the denim overalls with an anchors mini-print. For the girls, fall in love with a hooded windbreaker, white and navy-blue printed with a ‘lost island’ design.
Classic summer style, nautical inspiration never goes out fashion. With an updated flair, 3 Pommes overlaps timeless and trendy flawlessly!

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

Mini-kids summer parties

For their first formal wear line, 3 Pommes offers an adorable collection for your little cuties.

My First Princess Dress

Dressed in all white for a wonderful day, these 3 Pommes dresses are straight out of a fairy tale! Tulle, pompom, sequins, and glitter – it’s all very chic. For the evening, we put on a lovely navy blue dress with a tulle slip, all covered in golden sequins. Tonight, we party!

Just Like Daddy

When it comes to little boys, they want to dress up just like daddy. So, we let the familiar white shirt and grey trousers lead the way. Or, for a casual but equally stylish look, we emphasise on light-wash denims with shirt and a cardigan.

Enjoy the summer ceremonies in beautiful outfits. Of course, your little ones have to feel comfortable while they play and act silly with cousins and friends!

Tenue de cérémonie 3Pommes



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


To respond to nice ceremony invitations of the summer, 3 Pommes helps you discover soft and romantic outfits.

The lightness of white

For girls, we dive directly into a poetic world with cream-colored clothing and touches of gold sequins. The outfits are for every taste and mood. Trendy in an Issey Miyake pleated dress style, pretty in spangled and spotty skirt matched with a T, or much more comfy but just as sophisticated, the lace short combined with a cotton blouse. For cooler evenings, we put on a soft cardigan over lightweight outfits.

Elegance of the grey mouse

For our kid boys, it’s the medium gray which is honoured in these celebration outfits. Combined with the white of polo shirts or T-shirts, grey is available in the form of a jacket and striped shorts. For a more casual look, we focus on a longer short to roll.

Your kids will be perfectly classy for all the pleasant upcoming summer events: weddings, baptisms, family reunions – every opportunity to get all dressed up.

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

T-shirt du bonheur


Do you know the International Day of Happiness ? Well, it is tomorrow, and at 3 Pommes, we love it! We have prepared a selection of fun T-shirts for even more happiness in yours kids’ lives.

My sweet messages

My love, today is a perfect day, I’m a great friend – our kids girls are going to distribute happiness with funny and cute messages.

Happiness is colorful !

Summer says “colorful”, and with 3 Pommes, T- shirts have taken funny sunburn.
Scratched on a gradient with soft shades of the rainbow sky or tinted colors to add more pop to screen-printed messages, imagine with your kids with endlessly stylish looks.

How to actually dress fashionably?

For mid-season, the T-shirt is mixed with a basic jeans and a cute leather jacket or an overshirt in cotton.
For summer, we pair our funny T-shirts with shorts in light denim or with colored cotton! Ps: don’t forget the accessories (flip flops and sunglasses, we feel like we’re already on holiday).
The t-shirt is a kids must-have, but they like it even more when it’s funny. Verdict, did you find your happiness?



Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.