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New Co’3Pommes

All children dream of going to see the Milky Way. This AW18, 3 Pommes is going out of his world to see another galaxy.

For kids both young an old, our outfits draw on inspirations from another universe and adventures in space. We fly past a metorite, where the moon is waiting patiently, dazzling with sequins .

Silver glitter sparkles on Planet Rock and magic star shine down, all dressed in glod.

A constellation of pinks, reds and charcoal grey add coulour to soft, warm, comfy fabrics.

We arrive back on earth… Although our head is still in the clouds ! Pur daydreamers get dressed up in raimbow and unicorn prints.

Once again, 3 Pommes has succeeded in its intergalactic mission : to turn children’s fashion into a make believe universe , created especially for them.

12 things we love to do during winter

12 things we love to do during winter

Winter is coming! As the weather is changing, we are sometimes out of ideas to keep our kids entertained. But winter is full of activities… Discover 12 things to do when it’s too cold outside:

  1. Cook delicious cakes
  2. Read a book to your kids
  3. Make some DIY together
  4. Put on some music and dance!
  5. Go iceskating
  6. Build snowman
  7. Go sledding
  8. Have a snowballfight
  9. Visit the aquarium
  10. Wear warm clothes
  11. Do scrapbooking
  12. Go to the swimming pool
tenue de plage 3 pommes

Beach outfits

Here we are, the holidays are in few months! But, what do we take in the luggage? … These beautiful 3 Pommes playsuits, for a comfortable dressing!

In one day, we have a good time! We have fun !

In cotton jerseys with fun colours : the fuchsia pink or Nil green playsuit is the best deal to stroll on the beaches, with serigraphies and crossed straps at the back for a total trendy look !

In sunset, the chic is coming back…

Dressier version with the indigo-blue playsuit with little white butterflies and flounces on the top. We are romantic by strolling with bare feet in the hot sand at sunset.

And the little kids?

Obviously, we don’t forget the little kids who would like to dress like the big girls, with the white and pink striped jersey playsuit.

Discover all beach outfits and swimwear collection on the website.




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Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.




jaune 3 pommes

The yellow lights up the spring!

This Season, the yellow is on the spotlight and wake up to the outfit of your children! Good mood Good mood ensured with this very sunny perfect colour for girls and boys. 

A summer with added vitamin

Pastel yellow, for the most discreet, or more flashy yellow for the more bold, this colour energizes the most basic clothes!

A simple outfit we especially love waking up by combining yellow with denim pieces or black or white clothing. Whether through small key or with fully coloured pieces, your kids are ready to show their personalities through up clothing colours!

One colour, multiple styles!

Every looks are imaginable with this flashy colour: short, bermudas, t-shirts or summer dresses for the little girls, beautiful days offer lot of possibilities. To mix the styles, the little girls will love this bi-materials dress with a girly cutting and the rebel message. It is associated with lemon coloured leggings for a look 100% summer!

For the young boy, we dare associate the bright yellow with ocean blue for a super toned surfer look! And to modernize classic outfits, we swapped the shorts in neutral colours against a yellow chick shorts!



*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

polo 3 pommes

The Chic sportswear polo

Inspired by Sports, the Polo is now timeless in fashion, between the t-shirt with its comfort and the shirt with its chic, Your children will definitely love it !  

To each his polo! 

The polo has several shades: vivid for the more flamboyant or classic for more discreet. The small emblem on the chest, typical from polo, gives him a sophisticated look. On this model available in white or soft green, marine blue details on the collar and sleeves add a touch of originality to this reference. The silkscreens on the back of the polo reveal a more fun look! 

A chic sportswear look

Because when we wear polo, we associate comfort and elegance, we do not hesitate to wear “sportswear chic “.For a relaxed look, while being sophisticated, we bet on polo associated with skinny jeans. For the hottest days, your children will remain stylish while wearing shorts with a polo and shoes.  

For a more assertive style, do not hesitate to play with the details: folded or raised collar, buttoned or unbuttoned … This season, expresses its originality with the polo!




*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


tendance rose 3 pommes

Pink, and  pink again

This spring and the colours are coming back in your childrens outfits! Among them? Pink! Powdery, sweet, neon, deep… Shades for all occasions!

The Girly colour by excellence

For a punchy look, we associate it with denim! Faded effect T-shirt with jean trouser cuffs or with a pink polka dot skirt with a denim shirt. These look radiate sunshine and joys to live like children. We reinforce the next summer trend with small sneakers.

 The softness of pink

 For softer looks, pretty dresses in nude and grapefruit will rock summer girls. Fluid and light, the dress in satin stich with her flower will give a flower blue look to your princess. The pleated dress with a neckline in all the sequins will shine brightly during chic evenings.

Tints that will please your little girls !





*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

camouflage 3 pommes

Get ready for an adventure !

This summer your child will discover new horizons: sun, beach and long rides, this is the Adventure! For the young fearless, 3 Pommes proposes a camouflage short, ideal for the best exciting adventures. 

The absolute comfort

The Bermuda is a comfortable and is a useful piece, which we can always find this in the kids’ wardrobes. But for the real adventurer, this summer the camouflage is the trend.

Military print..

The Military print still has a small effect in every season. Here we find him in Bermuda highlighted in short by a red cord, you can associate it with a t-shirt with sharp colours or softer tones. This look will make your kids the star of the field squabble!

Or a plain khaki shade…

The plain khaki bermuda is also ideal to move and have fun with many pockets to bring back treasures found as pretty rare shells. And if it’s too hot, we make it a small setback for express transformation in shorts. 

It’s summer for all major incidents with 3pommes !




*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


cannes 3pommes

I « Cannes » be a star !

Our little princesses are also invited to climb the stairway of the Cannes’ red carpet! As all the famous celebrities, they wonder what dress will they be wearing?3 Pommes brings to you the festive universe of the Festival de Cannes with a dress selection.

It has to shine!

Sequins, glitter… They love it and so do we ! This year, the red carpet will sparkle thanks to your little girls.

They can choose the shiny striped blue navy dress or a pretty pleated dress that brings out this summer’s colour: pastel pink.

It has to spin !

Layered flounce, light tulle… soft materials to allowed the dress to move according to wind ! A pastel yellow light cotton dress with a pretty flower in the back will perfectly suit your girls. Also very romantic, your little girl will fall for this grey dress with cute little bows !

Ready for the Cannes Film Festival !



*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.

les t-shirts 3 pommes

Long life to the tee-shirts!

This summer, the tee-shirts come back in force. More coloured, more fashionable and more comfortable! They make us lough or travel, which makes them trendy for all styles!

Sea, surf and sun

A colourful pep’s summer with photo print tee-shirts which carry away us directly on the California beaches for a 100% surf style. With coloured shorts and sandals for the surfer total look or with a jean and a black jacket for a chicest look, perfect for evenings.

Trend basics

From funny messages to fashion animals, the silkscreens mix with tee-shirts for trend and comfortable pieces. We can associate them with everything: bermudas, shorts, trousers for the most sensitive to cold with a jacket or a skirt. Dare the colours for your little kids!

Here are perfect outfits for a funny and foolery summer!



*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.


robe sequine bleu lagon

The “blue lagoon” trend!

For the Summer 15, the wardrobe of you children will make you travel to the beaches with turquoise waters. Discover a fresh atmosphere for a hot summer with “blue lagoon” trend!

A breath of fresh air in the wardrobe!

Light dresses, but shorts and t-shirts sublimated by small sequins touch will find perfectly their place in the wardrobe of little girls. This season, the blue lagoon, will transport us from large bodies of water. Combined with fluid materials, this colour is ideal to explore the warm sandy beaches.  

A colour with multiple shades

As the sea with multiple reflections, the “aqua” blue is tinted with green, a variation of rich colours for a colourful summer! Funny t-shirt, shorts and bermudas plain or printed, your boys will be spoiled for choice! 

A multitude of looks

Associated with clothes in soft colours like grey or white (which remind us the “pastel” trend of this season) the look is so sweet! For a more candid look, why not mix the blue lagoon with a higher colour like black or navy blue. With the blue lagoon, your children’s summer will be brilliant, perfect to follow them in their first steps and their first outings!




*Recommended sale price in France


Summer 2015 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.