DIY : the first card of the New Year for the kids


In January, you send best wishes cards for the New Year. To make an impression, why don’t you try to create your card for 2017 with your kids ?


To make it fun and entertaining, 3pommes created a design for you and your kids to print and customize according to your taste.

Your chil can let his imagination free ! They just have to write a nice word behind the card and voilà !









Result 1


Result 2


Customize :)

Happy New Year to you all !

You can dowload the best wishes card here >

Original family portrait for the end of the year

During the holiday season, people tend to spend a lot of time with their family. And obviously, you need to immortalize the moment. Want to change your usual family portrait ? Discover our tips to make an original and unique photo with your children !



© Pinterest

Convey a message with your photo

Try to get the message across with your family portrait ! It’s quite easy to organize : you just have to print a letter for each member of the family, and then, strike a pose with the letters in the right order to compose a word. Your message is complete only when all the family is ready : funny and original !


© Pinterest

Make your photo look more fun and natural

Enough with the artificial pictures with frozen smiles. To be more original, you can try to recreate the famous family portraits of celebrities. They play together, they laugh… The prettiest pictures are those who look natural. Don’t hesitate to do something with your kids during the shooting (laughing, jumping, tickling…)  to make it look more spontaneous and unique !

The result almost doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to spend a great moment with your kids. The shooting will be unforgettable  for the whole family !

You can find our ideas to create your own original family portrait here !

12 things we love to do during winter

12 things we love to do during winter

Winter is coming! As the weather is changing, we are sometimes out of ideas to keep our kids entertained. But winter is full of activities… Discover 12 things to do when it’s too cold outside:

  1. Cook delicious cakes
  2. Read a book to your kids
  3. Make some DIY together
  4. Put on some music and dance!
  5. Go iceskating
  6. Build snowman
  7. Go sledding
  8. Have a snowballfight
  9. Visit the aquarium
  10. Wear warm clothes
  11. Do scrapbooking
  12. Go to the swimming pool
Petit Biker

Little biker

Little biker

Riding their bikes, nothing can stop them dreaming extraordinary adventures through desertics american roads. Discover biker trend must-have for a soft rebel biker outfit.

Print which rocks !

With their pretty printed t-shirt, your little bikers will wear a creative trendy outfit ! We love it electric or midnight blue ! Grab your bike helmet and let’s go !

Because our little bikers are the funniest, they will obviously fall for the awesome « Born to ride free » bear print.

Looking awesome with my denim trousers !

Everybody knows riders need resistant clothes that’s why they love denim to look stylished and feel comfortable. We fall for dye washed, total black or navy fleece denim.

Our selection :


T-shirt for those who are getting sick of kisses ! From 3 to 12 years old.


Fleece denim trousers. From 3 to 12 years old.


Electric blue T-shirt. From 3 to 12 years old.


« Born to ride free » T-shirt. From 3 to 12 years old.


Comfortable trousers. From 3 to 12 years old.

Halloween 3pommes

DIY : Celebrate Halloween with your kids !

DIY : Celebrate Halloween with your kids !

Halloween 3pommes

Halloween is coming soon ! It is time to organize a little party for your little monsters. We give you help to create a sanguinary decoration that will scare all your werewolves and zombies neighboors.

Our Pinterest selection turns casual items into scary accessories. The perfect decoration for a successfull Halloween party !

Halloween Cerveau

A brain jar

It is the mad scientists favorite accessory ! Your Halloween decoration will impress everyone with this fake brain made with cauliflower !

Halloween oeufs marbrés

Bloodshot eyes

Transform quickly and easily casual eyes into bloodshot ones.

Halloween bougies sanglantes

Sanguinary candle

Make an awesome sanguinary candle just with a white and a red candles !

Halloween ananas

Hunted pineapple

Pumpkins? Overrated! This year, we revisit Halloween classics with pineapples and the outcome is fabulous !

Halloween vers de terre

Maggot bowl

Make your child eat and like sticky maggots? Yes, you can do it, thanks to this recipe !

Look féérique

My fairy look

My fairy look

Look Féérique

For girls who love fairy tales, unicorns and other magical creatures, 3 Pommes has prepared a selection of shopping just for them.

Printed clothes for when your head is in the clouds…

Discover the graphic unicorn prints or a more realistic version (yes !! they exist) with a little flying unicorn holding star balloons. For sure, our little dreamers will proudly wear their new favourite t-shirt.

For more quiet girls, chose the “Wonder girl” sweater dress. Your princess doesn’t like dresses? She will fall for the long sleeves T-shirt.

Glitter forever !

A fairy world without glitters doesn’t exist! To add a magic touch in your kids outfits, fall for the glitter jeans with pretty silver details. No doubt, they will also LOVE the magic skater skirt.

Our selection


Off-white long sleeved t-shirt with bunch of stars and a zebra-unicorn.


Green long sleeved t-shirt for little dreamers who wear anything but pink. From 2 to 12 years old.


Bi-colour long sleeved t-shirt printed with a graphic unicorn.


“Wonder girl” navy blue knit dress for casual princesses. From 2 to 12 years old.


Glitter blue jeans with silver details. From 2 to 12 years old.


Dancer skirt for a girly look. From 2 to 12 years old.

Printable room decor

As their own little cocoon, your child’s bedroom is a vision of their universe. Aside from school, they spend most of their time there, a sacred place where they feel free.

As a place full of serenity where your children grows and develops, why don’t you emphasize the playful and peaceful vibes in their special place by printing those inspirational quotes? Download here.


For more inspiration, discover our pinterest bedroom board :

Inspiration déco

The perfect autumn look

Autumn is already here, the world ? gets its orange and red shades. The breeze gets cold and the days are shorter and shorter.

The trees start to lose their leaves while the coats of clothes are numerous on the shoulders of our little kids. We appreciate a light and soft sweater under our mid-season jacket. But there’s no reason to forget to bring energy to their outfits ! We say yes to colours, to polka dots and stripes !

For boys, outfits take on autumnal colours by their orange tones. We happily adopt coloured denim : ochre or bright orange. The check shirt becomes the dressing star and matches perfectly underneath a printed sweater.

Girls choice is torn between the skirt and the trousers… but they must be made out of denim ! The must-have of the season will definitely be the perfecto with its faux fur inner coat.

Fall for the looks :



Look 1. Zipped hoodie 3I18005 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10055 – Coloured jeans 3I22015

Look 2. Plaid shirt 3I12015 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10015 – Grey trousers 3I22045

Look 3. Down jacket 3I41025 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10045 – Ochre trousers 3I22025





LOOK 1. Jacket 3I17034 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10154 – 3 Leo printed trousers 3I22054

LOOK 2. Polka dot cardigan 3I18044 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10114 – Denim shirt 3I27044 – Grey tights 3I94004

LOOK 3. Star printed jacket 3I40014 – Long sleeves tshirt 3I10084 – Trousers 3I22004



Dressed for School


Holidays are coming to an end, and we can smell the sweet fragrance of a new school year. Refreshed after a sunny summer, let’s start a new adventure! Who can forget the blissful memory of their first day of school? New note books, new pencils, new school bag, and last but not least, a new outfit to impress your friends and teachers! Our first lesson this year will be focused on fashion.

Discover our ‘back to school’ selection for boys and girls, to dress your kids for this special day.

baseBlog fille2


1. “Hey Young” Pullover Ref. 3I15014 2. Denim trousers Ref. 3I22014
3. Denim jacket Ref. 3I41024 4. Poplin shirt Ref. 3I12004 5. Trousers Ref. 3I23024




1. Denim trousers Ref. 3I22005 2. Long sleeves tshirt Ref. 3I10025
3. Plaid shirt
Ref. 3H12035 4. Down jacket Ref. 3I6005 5. Long sleeves tshirt Ref. 3I22035