Arts and crafts for April Fools’ Day

In France, the home of 3pommes, an April’s Fool prank is called a poisson d’avril, literally an ‘April fish’.

april fools day

© Madame Citron

In France they tell jokes to celebrate April Fools’, just like us, but the most common prank is to stick a cut-out paper fish on a friend’s back…. then giggling ensues until they realize!

So in true French style, 3pommes has selected some poissons d’avril so you can get involved!

On our Pinterest board, we provide templates and DIYs so you can get creative with the kids. You can choose to color in your new friend, or stick things to it like tissue paper, sequins or felt…. Let your imagination run wild!

One thing’s for sure – these fish are going to make waves ;)