DIY: a gift for Mother’s day

Mother’s day is coming up…. Are you dreading your child coming home from school with their standard pasta shapes, stuck on a sheet of paper?! Well we have a solution! Why not throw a few hints to dad, giving him some ideas for a mother’s day present from your little ones? A cute rock cactus, for example?

mother's day gift

© Salt and Pepper Moms

Follow the instructions from Salt and Pepper Moms below to help your kids make their own little (non-prickly!) cactus:

What you’ll need:

  • A little flower pot
  • Some small rocks
  • Green paint (two shades if possible)
  • A white acrylic pen
  • Some sand (optional)


  1. Collect some little rocks, of various shapes
  2. Paint the rocks green and leave them to dry
  3. Once dry, paint on the spikes using the acrylic pen
  4. Fill the flower pot with sand or tiny pebbles
  5. Arrange your cactus rocks

And hey presto! :)