Look chemise jean rouge

Red Lovers

Few days left before St Valentine’s Day and red has a place of honour on 3Pommes’ outfits! This colour, which inspires passion and love, stands out a warm and energetic vibe.

Follow the trend!

Fully integrated into girls’ wardrobe, the red colour is getting more and more fashionable for boys as it enhance the basic items with neutral and dark colors (such as black, grey and white).

You will fall under the spell of this colour.

From the essential brick red denim to the sporty polo, boys adopt the Redroots’ look. 3Pommes dares this warm colors for a colorful and original look.
It’s official, red is the colour of passion for this summer.

*Recommended sale price in France

Summer 2016 collection is available on Melijoe, Zalando.