The short

Who said shorts are only worn during the summer? We also find them in our winter wardrobe.

Cardigan 3E16014-64, T-shirt 3E10144-449, Short 3E26004-78, Tights 3E94014-449.

Still comfortable and easy to wear, it immediately dresses up a casual outfit. Your little girl can simply wear it with plain printed tights. She can also choose funky tights for a very fashionable look. At the end, the outfit is fun and faraway from sad winter clothes.

For a totally girly look, we match the Bermuda trousers 3E25004-46 with the cardigan 3E17034-35, the T-Shirt 3E10004-01 and the tights 3E94004-24. For occasions that need a smart outfit, we prefer the shorts 3E26004-78 worn with the jumper 3E18074-67, the tights3E94014-449, hat and scarf 3E90004-449.

Find 3pommes retailers in the store locator.The winter 2014 collection is available on MelijoeZalando.

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